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The Best Application for Live Location


You own an advantage to share your live location with only one single person at a time. Sharing of your live location to others (by you), in your contact list is restricted by your approval.


Re-activation is required after every time you close the application. Need to follow the initial easy 2 steps that are 'Send Request' and 'Approval.' As app is closed: sharing also stops.


No need to always go LIVE!!! Just set your static location, doesn’t matter where you are. The best part is that you have an advantage to see others moving live on live map and can chat too.


Only the connected one can see each other’s instant live location. Once you accept the request then you also access his/her live location, vice-a- versa. But in “Group” everyone connected can.

Core Features

'CatchMe' understands the human need of being watchful and careful for their loved-ones. To assist people in being ALERT is the core function of the app.

Access Live Location on Live Maps

Conveyance Tracking

Search Local Businesses & Individuals

Flexibility and Privacy Guaranteed



No need to worry about the helplessness. Alert your loved-ones & Police to get quick help.

Take benefit of CatchMe for quick help from your Close ones and Police; like accident help, help during natural disaster, help during stuck-like situations, you observe that you have been trapped and many. By just clicking SOS Alert your close ones and police receives an alert or help notification.


We are Available on all platforms

CatchMe App runs on Android, iOS and also runs as a web application!
CatchMe' understands the human need of being watchful and careful for their loved-ones. To assist people in being ALERT is the core function of the app.

Description with video

Check out the video to learn how CatchMe helps you and your loved ones.

While travelling to new destinations or even on the daily commute, if you feel an urge to stay connected with your loved ones such as family and friends. Then, CatchMe mobile app can provide a competent way to stay connected.

CatchMe is a mobile app with which you can share your location or determine your contact's location instantly. This app is having many amazing features such as live location sharing, chat, meeting circle (geo-fencing), SOS and much more. In the case of emergency situation, the SOS features become very useful and CatchMe turns into an effective defence tool ensuring your safety & security. View video for detail.

CatchMe App is available for Android, iOS as well as the Web platform. You can use the app without being worried about your privacy as highly secured mechanisms have been used for it. Download the app now and explore many more beneficial features.

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CatchMe has designed and developed personal gadgets with CatchMe installed in it.


Some wonderful tokens of appreciation from our esteemed users who experienced the fantastic live location based mobile app CatchMe!



rocky singh

I can easily trace my customer ( shalni)

Rakesh Rajput

Thank Mr. Rajiv sir for giving me a knowledge aboutsuch type of application.this nice app.


Thanku Mr. Rajiv. This is really very nice app

Jitendra sharma

Wow...... very nice live location sharing app

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