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Be Safe. Stay Connected

CatchMe is a Family Safety, GPS Locator app launched by CatchMe Global in an effort to make a safer world. Although CatchMe uses latest technologies to help keep your family safe and secure, the underlying message we want to spread is to increase awareness for creating a better & safer environment for the future generation.

CatchMe: An AI Powered Mobile App

CatchMe App is having AI incorporated it in, which makes it performs in an intelligent way with efficiency and accelerated response. AI-based APIs provides utmost swiftness and perfection to CatchMe in executing real-time app operations without consuming much time and sacrificing efficiency. Since AI enables CatchMe to perform faster, therefore, improves overall customer experience.

Mission: To touch the lives of almost every smart-phone user by contributing to making a safer environment for them by Geo-location identification through CatchMe. We want to achieve that feat for CatchMe with the help of new age technologies such as AI, Big Data and Machine Learning. These technologies ensure quick, precise and efficient performance and excellent user experience

Vision: To provide precise Geo-location based identification tool with a great user experience which will subsequently provide the safety, security, ensuring quick SOS help while being economical. Location-based data of an individual is very significant in many ways and ensuring his/her safety, especially of Women and Children. Also, being the fastest and easiest way to get help in SOS cases.

The aim is to create a world where women can roam easily without worries of being attacked or where kids can safely travel without their parents worrying about increasing violence & accidental death rates. .

The first step towards this goal is our family safety app – CatchMe. With features such as Live Location Sharing, Emergency Alert, the app would help you safely navigate distress situations. If dangers, with the help of SOS Alert, one can easily send his/her latest GPS Location to trusted friends or family members, with the press of high volume key, easily. These alerts are received in form of App Notification, SMS Text & Email also, which enables users as well as non-users of CatchMe App to locate their friends or family members quickly.





Functions of CatchMe Application

  • CatchMe is live location based application enabling you to connect with the people in your phone list.
  • CatchMe gives real time updates and notifications of your live location to people that you want to share for your own safety and security. In the same way, you can also request others to access their live location for your concerns and worries.
  • SOS feature to alert your close & love ones along with the police. So that when you fall in any kind of undesirable situation, they can take fast & suitable actions without any delay.
  • CatchMe is also made for location-based searches and results, mainly of business, local service providers, and the newly introduced ‘Professional search’ (Like freelancers, artists, personal services etc).

CatchMe works on both android and iOS platforms for wider connectivity with your friends, close relatives, and colleagues. Apart from safety and security, CatchMe app supplementary usage is for making any kind of coordination efficient like required in fixing meeting point for a date or hang-out with friends, meeting with business clients or be it coordination in communication and workflow processes of enterprises. That is CatchMe is leveraged to save time and money giving complete user control for maintaining the Privacy.