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What is the purpose & utility of CatchMe as the geofencing app?


The sole purpose of CatchMe- geofencing app is to make you alert of your close-ones and at the same time eliminate your worries and concerns of the safety and security. Also, it vanishes all scope of manual activities like constant phone calls for knowing the exact location of your love-ones, being in continuous touch via instant messengers etc.

Therefore by utilising CatchMe you create a geofence, so that whenever they are outside the geofence you get an instant alert (that they have crossed their geo fence and may be unsafe or in danger) on your mobile devices and e-mails.


The core utility of CatchMe - geofencing app is to create a virtual fence of the regular locations that your love-ones visit or go daily. For instance: your child- go to school, your parents or grandparents- go to park, your life partner- go to work and many such daily life scenarios.