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What geofencing means?

Geo fencing is used to create virtual boundaries or perimeter on a digital map, for a real world geographical area. Taking the advantage of GPS Technology, Digital Map, and Internet, we create a fence (geofence) of the desired location by assigning a radius around the chosen location.

Eg: Suppose your child daily goes to music classes. Music class is 2.5 km from your home. Now, by using the geofencing solution, app, or software- you assign a radius of 3km so that whenever your child is out of the defined geofence radius of 3km; app or software generates an alert and send it to your mobile phone and e-mails.


  • You don't have to call constantly for the exact location of your loved ones.
  • You keep your loved ones in safe and secured position.
  • In cases of danger by having an instant alert, you are able to take quick and responsive actions.

Core utility of the Geofencing lies in child location services that notify the respective parents- whether their child is in the designated area (geofence) or not.