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What are GeoLocation Search and its usefulness?

Geolocation search is the enhanced combination of two advanced technology that is Geo (GPS based) and Searches.

There were the days when we used to wander or hunt the places through the guidance (directions asked by us) from local people, by asking to local stores and even using the maps of reliable publishing houses. However, with the advancement of technology and particularly the widespread ownership of smart mobile devices by the general population; we are able to leverage the digital live maps and the search.

Till now, we used to use the GPS for live location maps and internet based search platforms, individually. Geolocation search is the power-packed combination of the above two to have the local searches and searches next to 100 metres to 1 km on digital live maps.

Geolocation search utilises your accurate latitudes and longitudes (coordinates) to display you the search results nearest to you; whether you are searching for any kind of personal services or places or stores or market.

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