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What else can be done with CatchMe "meeting" feature?

There are many other uses of CatchMe feature of "Meeting". It all depends on the user: its intuition and creative mind. What CatchMe can intuit and create are:

  • Leverage it for fixing a meet with your vendors.
  • Leverage it for interacting with your clients.
  • Leverage it for planning a Get Together.
  • Leverage it for assisting in the directing the guests to the venue of your event.
  • Leverage it just before any event or function is going to start.
  • Leverage it to organise a surprise party for your loved-ones or close-ones.
  • Leverage it at the time of accidents. Inform and coordinate with others.
  • Leverage it at the times of emergency. Find the nearest one and coordinate with the others.
  • Leverage it for societal meetings.

Without any doubt, CatchMe is your desired meeting people app and have all the feature of that meeting planner apps have. It comes in two forms as meeting app for iPhone and meeting app android.