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How CatchMe stand out from the all other apps for parents of teenagers and family tracker app?

Currently, you may find plenty of safety app or personal security apps on the internet. Such kind of apps guarantees safety as well as security, related to your worries and concerns. Though most of them call them as the best safety app or best personal security app, but most of them are rather check in safety app.

That means when you have reached safely and securely to your destination, you enter your status that you have reached safely- by clicking an icon.

Do you think such app is your need or is the best app to track kids or the best apps for parents of teenagers or the best personal safety app?

On the other side, CatchMe is not so and is best safety app as well as the best child security app along with the best women safety app; because CatchMe takes benefits of

  • live maps,
  • live locations,
  • In-built chat messenger and,
  • SoS notifications,

for the sake of ‘live following’ and instant updates-notifications of you and yours close/loved one's commute and travel. It acts as a family tracker app where when each family member connects on CatchMe has the live location of others. The family also has mCHAT (map-chat) to communicate on live maps.

And to make it the best emergency app for women, CatchMe has SoS push notifications, so that woman gets help cleverly and quickly from the nearest friend, parent or any known person (in your contact list) along with the nearest police station. In a similar way, SoS is useful for the safety-security and urgent help for children, grandparents and all close/loved ones.