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How does the SoS functionality of CatchMe makes it mobile safety app and how it works?

Keeping in mind that CatchMe has to fill the person's worries of safety and security, we have built a unique kind of mobile safety app that works on the following principles:

  • CatchMe leverage the advanced GPS Technology in order to have instant, continuous live location.
  • CatchMe has inbuilt instant messenger known as mCHAT (derived from chat on live map) for communication while accessing live location on live maps.
  • The main functionality is the SoS feature. With SoS user when in difficult or in unavoidable helpless situations, clicks on SoS buttons. With this user sends the instant notification to the other pre-allotted/predefined users, which receives SoS notifications of unsafe & un-secured situations. These predefined/pre-allotted users can be your parents in case if you are a child or your close friend if you are an adult and so on.

SoS feature acts like an alarm system.