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What features of the 'CatchMe' makes it distinct from other personal security apps?

The CatchMe is one of the new yet distinct personal security apps for android and iPhone. CatchMe- a security app, enable the user to access the accurate live location of the other users which may be their loved-one, close-ones, colleagues or service vendors. CatchMe has imbibed two important elements so as to eliminate any scope of safety and security loop-hole, which are as follows:

  • GeoFence
  • SOS alerts

With GeoFence the user (you) can define a particular location or can set a radius of his/her to-fro commute. With this when the user is entering or exiting the defined location or radius of an area, the other users which the user (you) have added to sent them notifications of the entry or exit from the Geofence.

In this way, the 'CatchMe' is unique in comparison to other security apps that integrates the feature of geofence and SOS alert notification.