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Set pre-defined areas on your App such as work, school, home etc to know your family members have reached that destination safely.


No one can access your location without your permission. With privacy options such as Public or Private Profile as well as Live or Static Options, chose when to share location and when to opt out to stay invisible.

Geo Tagging

Create virtual meeting areas of real locations with the help of Geo Tagging technology to receive alerts as soon as users enter or exit these virtual boundaries. Setting up meetings with CatchMe helps save time.

Android Application

CatchMe has been designed to provide best live location sharing for all the android users. It is highly compatible with all Android versions above 5.0.

iOS Application

Apple has huge user base therefore, we have launched CatchMe on Apple stores also. With the use of latest technologies, this app is compatible with all the latest versions of iOS.

Web Application

For those who do not carry smart phones or want to locate family/friends, from their web devices such as PC, Tablets, we have launched Web App too. This CatchMe web app provides all the features as well as benefits.