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Privacy Policy


"CatchMe" application is hosted under the domain name www.catchme.global

The Privacy Policy provided is applicable to both "CatchMe" Web Site and "CatchMe" Application. The website includes all the pages and sub-pages. "CatchMe" is any case, is not responsible for the privacy policies of the hyperlinks provided that take the user to third-party managed website and Applications (if any).

This policy is in compliance with the applicable laws of data protection act in India, which are as follows:

  • Article 19 and 21 of the Constitution of India which interprets the "Right to Privacy"
  • 'Section 43 A' of Information Technology Act 2000, India
  • Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, India

The user of the "CatchMe" can mail us at query@catchme.global for any kind of query or doubt related to this Privacy Policy.


No one below the age of 18 is encouraged to use the "CatchMe" application without the knowledge of their respective parents or guardians. "CatchMe" recommends such minors to first inform and consult their parents or guardians for the personal data provided to "CatchMe". If in any case, if it is found that it was without the confirmation or without informing and consulting the parents or guardians, the minor (below age of 18) is using or has used the "CatchMe" application or website, then, "CatchMe" is not liable for any discrepancies and liabilities related to the privacy, data protection or any kind of criminal offence occurred to such Minor, due to the usage of "CatchMe" application, regardless of the device/platform.


"CatchMe" ensures the users of "CatchMe" app that the personal data and information provided by them will not be in any case transferred to any third party. It is only accessed by "CatchMe" itself and the third parties, which provide services to "CatchMe". "CatchMe" ensures that all the needed & necessary technological, personal, as well as organisational measures and precautions needed have been taken to secure & safeguard the personal data of "CatchMe" users. "CatchMe" guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of the "CatchMe" user and the prevention of the cases of misuse, theft, alteration and any kind of unauthorised use of the user's personal data.

Also, "CatchMe" in no case is liable for the damages caused to the user or its entity, when the user has provided inaccurate, incomplete or false data to "CatchMe". "CatchMe" holds the authority to deregister the account when such act comes to the notice.

Only for the below purposes (may change and will be notified and updated to user) personal data of "CatchMe" user is processed for:

  • Generation of user profiles
  • To send SMS alerts or any other such messages by electronic, postal, or telephonic means.
  • To give the personalised business information of the interested products or services of and by "CatchMe", only when the user has given "CatchMe" the consent or participated in "CatchMe"'s satisfaction surveys.


As "CatchMe" app's core service is based on the 'live location', by accepting the Terms and Conditions of "CatchMe" and at the same time it is automatically considered upon the usage of "CatchMe" app by the user that the user gives consent to "CatchMe", to access and store the location. At the same time, "CatchMe" ensures that the data or information of the (shared) location of the user (to another user) is not passed-on to any third party.


As defined or said earlier that "CatchMe" app complies with the Article 19 and 21 of the Constitution of India; the User of "CatchMe" app can any time invoke the "Right to Privacy." Nevertheless, "CatchMe" app has taken all the organisational as well as technological measures to prevent any kind of unauthorised usage of personal data of the user.


It is accepted by the user that "CatchMe" has full right to bring changes in the Privacy Policy. Such changes will be notified and updated to the users.

Cookies Policy

The "CatchMe" website and Application uses the website and Application cookies in order to offer many kinds of "CatchMe" services and functions which improve the online experience of the "CatchMe" user.

The user of the "CatchMe" gives us the consent to use the Cookies. Cookies let "CatchMe" know that how users of "CatchMe" app is using the Content of "CatchMe" website and Application.

Know "CatchMe" COOKIEs

"CatchMe" Cookies are comprised of small text files. These cookies come in various forms and are formed by the "CatchMe" Web Site for storing the information on the user's computer.

"CatchMe" cookies provide the following information to "CatchMe" website and Application:

  • The domain name of the Internet Network Provider (ISP).
  • The date and time spent on "CatchMe" website and Application when you visit "CatchMe" Web Site.
  • The Third-Party Links through which you arrived at "CatchMe" website and Application.
  • The number of visitors who visit our content on "CatchMe" webpages.
  • The user's activity on "CatchMe" website and Application like Clicks on the links provided on "CatchMe" website and Application, Pages Visited and Searches performed.

Types of "CatchMe" Cookies

Based on the length of time user is active:

  • Session Cookies: As soon as the user leaves the "CatchMe" website and Application, these cookies also goes away.
  • Persistent Cookies: These remains on the user's computer and are accessed and processed as and when required. Time ranges from minutes to years.

Based on the purpose:

  • Technical Cookies: Allows user to take utilise the "CatchMe" features and services.
  • Analysis Cookies: Statistical Analysis of the users which use "CatchMe" Features and Services.

How to reject "CatchMe" Cookies?

The user can but then we don't guarantee the correct functioning of "CatchMe" Features and Services.

The User can block Cookies by the following, which depends on their browser.